May 9, 2014

Indoor Air Quality

In 2007, AirAdvice, a manufacturer of indoor air monitoring equipment, published “State of Our Indoor Air”.This report was based on nearly 50,000 indoor air quality tests conducted over a 34-month period. The study found that 96.7% of homes tested had at least one of the following six problems analyzed:

Residential_IAQ1Be Comfortable, Breathe Easy, Breathe Safe!

  • Particle allergens
  • Chemical pollutants
  • Carbon dioxide
  • Abnormal temperature
  • Humidification problems
  • High carbon monoxide levels
  • Indoor air quality

Varsity staff receives ongoing training on the latest and best air quality products available. Varsity represents the leading manufacturers in air quality to ensure that the inside of your home is safe and comfortable.

  • Residential_IAQ2Reduced allergy & asthma symptoms
  • Safer, cleaner air to breathe
  • Carbon dioxide
  • More comfortable humidity levels
  • Illness reduction
  • Peace of Mind
  • Indoor air quality

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