Are Everyday Products Clogging Your Life and Leaving You Drained?

A drain with hair, a major cause of cloggingPesky clogs in drains can happen at the most inopportune of times and may require a call to your friends here at Varsity Home Services. But there are quite a few methods you can incorporate into your everyday routine to avoid plunging up your day. The most important is watching what goes down the drain.

“Common sense is not always so common, so try to remember this phrase – when in doubt, throw it out,” says Bob Bellini, President of Varsity Home Services.

There are many items that mistakenly (or unmistakably) find themselves circling the toilet or drain on a daily basis. The list is extensive, but as a general rule of thumb here are some categories to keep in mind that are troublesome.

In the kitchen – Grease, fats, cooking oils, lard, butter, margarine, dairy products, coffee grinds, bones and shells. Pasta, rice, and breads will expand with water, causing blockages. Even if the clog eventually drains, these will most likely stick to the inside of your pipes causing future issues.

In the bathroom – Baby wipes, feminine hygiene products, cotton balls and swabs, band-aids, dental floss and personal intimacy products. Use that waste basket for these. Often the biggest culprit for headaches is hair in the shower drain.

Around the house – Hair (human or pet), stickers from products, napkins, paper towels, cigarette butts, fabric softener, dryer sheets, cat litter, paint, grout and cement. All of those can clump, stick and/or clog your pipes.

An inexpensive and quick preventative, in drains that see a lot of food or hair, is a screen or drain cover that catches the culprits before they head south. Gentlemen – if you live with females, you know hair clogging the shower drain can be a regular annoyance. Here’s where that drain cover comes in handy!

When you do get a blockage, try a snake from your local hardware store. Often times this is a quick fix and will clear the line. Always have a good plunger and a chemical drain cleaner on hand for additional help.