Spring Has Sprung, Make Sure Your HVAC System is Ready to Rock

HVAC tune up for your homeSuffolk and Nassau County residents should always try to keep in front of preparations for the ever-evolving weather patterns that are unique to Long Island. We think it’s safe to say the transition from winter to spring is officially over, but that still means the weather is all over the map. As our thoughts turn to warmer weather and spring cleaning, now is the time to prepare your HVAC system, before it is too late.

Up to 80% of air conditioning failures can be eliminated with a proper spring inspection and start-up. Varsity Home Services offers start-ups as a stand-alone service or as part of our Gold Master Protection service agreement. A dirty evaporator coil or blower can increase electric usage by 50% and a 10% refrigerant undercharge can increase energy use by 20% or more. So is it really worth taking a chance?

If you have a service plan with us, you can rest easy as we make it a worry-free process. But for you DIY’ers, we’re always willing to share some handy tips.

Filter Change

If your system has a disposable filter this should be changed on a regular basis. If it’s reusable, it makes sense to clean it thoroughly before the system boots up. Remember to check the filter once a month and replace it as soon as dust and dirt accumulate. As you’re buying plants and mulch at the hardware store, hit the aisle where the filters are to stock up for the season so they are ready to go.

Keep it Clear

The debris that has accumulated in the yard since the start of the fall are potential causes for damage to your system, so be sure to clean the area outside of the unit before flipping the switch. A little preventative maintenance goes a long, long way.

Coil Cleaning

Turn the power off before going any further. Although the outside may be clear, the inside can trap a lot of dirt. Please do not open the unit if you are not completely comfortable – we are here for your convenience. To reach the condenser coils remove the metal covering and then gently rinse with your hose at a low-pressure setting.

Schedule a Tune-Up

There are tasks that only a certified HVAC professional should undertake and it is completely to your benefit. A routine tune-up is always recommended before the weather changes in fall and spring. Our tech will check refrigerant levels, leaks in the air ducts, clean the supply vents, test the thermostat and ensure all parts are running at peak efficiency.

Is it Time to Upgrade Your System?

You may have noticed your system struggling at times last year and if you did, this may be a sign to transition to a new model. “This is the perfect time of the year to upgrade, before the heat hits us like a ton of bricks,” says Bob Bellini, President of Varsity Home Services. ”Give us a call to learn about our latest specials and what your options are for your size residence.”

Regulate the Temp

Also, remember the importance of a programmable thermostat. This will help you control your cooling costs by adjusting for various times of the day. Plus, who doesn’t want to walk into a cool home after a long day of work, instead of a sweltering one?

Our annual spring start-up will alert you if any potential problems exist. Schedule your spring start-up today and enjoy a trouble free summer!